Macraigor Systems Provides On-Chip Debug Solutions Using USB 2.0 From Linux Workstations to a Multitude of Targets

Engineers building applications for various targets from a Linux platform
can quickly and efficiently debug their hardware and software designs using
USB 2.0

SAN JOSE, CA-April 3, 2006-Macraigor Systems has ported its proprietary
On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon) to the Linux platform using the newly
introduced usb2Demon and debug interface. This new port gives engineers who
prefer developing on a Linux host platform the high speed and flexibility of
using the usb2Demon to successfully debug, test and program the target

Macraigor Systems offers several GNU toolsets as a download from its website
at no cost. Fully installable versions of the GNU toolsets for both the
Windows and Linux platforms are available with demonstration programs. These
quick-start programs allow end users to be up and running within minutes of
the installation. Also available on the Macraigor Systems website is a
version of LibRemote, which allows developers to use other versions of the
GNU toolset with Macraigor's hardware.

The GNU toolsets are ready to be installed on a Linux system. They support
various families of processors, including but not limited to the ARM, MIPS,
PowerPC and XScale processors. Once installed, all the appropriate drivers
are available for several of Macraigor Systems' debug interfaces including
the new usb2Demon, as well as the mpDemon, for an Ethernet interface and the
Raven parallel port debugger.

"Macraigor Systems is committed to providing hardware and software JTAG
debug interface solutions at the best price/performance point. We accomplish
this, in part, with our new GNU toolset combined with the usb2Demon," said
managing partner James MacGregor.

Pricing & Availability
Immediately available, the Macraigor usb2Demon starts at $750 USD. Pricing
for mpDemon is set at $1,800 USD and the Raven parallel port debugger is
$750 USD.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems, LLC, is a leading supplier of JTAG connection devices for
on-chip debugging. Their reputation in the embedded industry has been built
on the OCDemon product technology which provides a low-cost, full-featured
connection from a PC to the on-chip debug facilities of 32 and 64-bit
processors, providing host support for Windows and Linux and systems.
Macraigor Systems also provides Flash Programming software that allows
in-circuit programming of target Flash EEPROM memory devices via a JTAG
connection. The Flash Programmer works with a wide variety of the most
popular Flash devices currently on the market. For more information about
Macraigor products, please visit

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