Machine Monitoring Leader Debuts New (free) Machine Monitoring Reports for Customers

Greenfield, WI- eNET is pleased to announce the debut of (3) new Machine Monitoring Reports, available for free for our Machine Monitoring customers.

Machine Status Daily Report (See Attachment) Displays a per-machine pie chart summary of all Machine Statuses. Also includes a per-machine bar graph and detailed by-shift/date breakdown of all Machine Statuses, for the chosen date range.

Machine Downtime Summary Report (See Attachment) - Allows user to customize specific Downtime Reasons to be displayed in report. Easy to read bar graph representations of these Downtime Reasons both overall & by machine, for the chosen date range.

Machine Downtime Detail Report (See Attachment) - Again, user can customize which Downtime Reasons are represented in the report. Provides a bar graph overview of all the Downtime Reasons for machines selected. Also includes a pie chart and detailed daily/shift breakdown of Downtime Reasons per machine, for the chosen date range.

Company Profile

eNET is the industry leader in DNC, Machine Monitoring & Data Collection, serving the Manufacturing Industry for over 25 years with Resellers throughout North America. Providing free Software & Firmware updates and phone support, all without yearly maintenance fees. For more info about eNET please visit: Detailed Downtime Report.pdf Summary Downtime Report.pdf Machine Status Daily Report .png

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