M-real Shows Carta Elega - a New Cartonboard Designed Especially for Beautycare Applications - and Introduces Its LITE4U Concept at Luxepack 2008

M-real is showing Carta Elega, its new two-side coated folding boxboard designed especially for beautycare and other high quality packaging and graphical applications, at Luxepack 2008 in Monaco. Already creating a stir in the market for its excellent surface properties and printability, Carta Elega is one of a new generation of lighter weight boards that offer cost and environmental benefits. M-real will also introduce its LITE4U concept that improves efficiencies throughout the whole value chain, meeting the need for improved sustainability and faster service.

Carta Elega is a new member of M-real's range of efficient and fit-for-purpose cartonboards. This two-side coated folding boxboard combines superior visual smoothness with high brightness and an equal bluish-white shade on both sides that gives excellent print quality. Exceptional surface properties make it ideal for foil lamination and special features. "Carta Elega's appearance and printability have already been very well received in the markets", says Riikka Joukio, VP Marketing and R&D M-real Consumer Packaging.

Lighter weight boards offer the same properties of stiffness and bulk as heavier conventional grades but in lower substances. This means they can be specified for luxury applications without losing a quality feel, but result in cost savings and benefits to the environment through lighter transport weights and less waste at the end of their lifecycle.

Carta Elega is available in 200-380 gsm (123-233 lbs/3000sf) and is produced at M-real's Kyro mill in Finland. It combines the best properties of Avanta Ultra, Simwhite and Gala X. New, tighter tolerances in quality consistency enable improved runnability in converting lines, leading to cost savings as well as waste reduction.

M-real's LITE4U concept encompasses Lightweighting for greater economy; Innovation; Time-saving; Environment; 4 mills; and a Unique offer.

Lightweighting of products has been one M-real's main areas of emphasis in recent years, one key feature of which is the use of BCTMP pulp (bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp), an area where M-real is a forerunner in the industry. M-real has also tightened tolerances to exceed industry standards, ensuring even better consistency in product quality, and resulting in clear savings and improved sustainability.

Innovation at M-real has produced a portfolio of fit-for-purpose cartonboards with both excellent visual appearance and performance: Carta Integra, Carta Elega, Carta Solida, Avanta Prima and Simcote - designed to meet the needs of various end-use applications.

Time savings are achieved by faster selection from the new streamlined cartonboard portfolio and shorter production cycles at mills due to the smaller number of grades. This accelerates delivery, improves availability, and makes stock management more efficient. In addition, M-real's Express Board service in Europe will be enhanced.

The environment concerns everybody in today's world. As a sustainable board producer, M-real pays special attention to energy efficiency as well as to forest resources. Its mills have implemented energy-saving programmes, and reduction of CO2 emissions has a high priority. M-real only uses wood from sustainably managed forests in its production units. Also M-real's lightweight and consistent boards benefit the environment.

Four modern mills, Simpele, Aanekoski, Kyro and Tako, serve M-real's cartonboard customers. They are managed as one entity and are self-sufficient in fibres. Since the beginning of 2008 M-real's Joutseno BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp) mill has been dedicated to produce pulp tailored for M-real's cartonboard mills.

M-real's unique cartonboard offering makes it easy to choose the right board for a particular end-use from a range of clearly positioned, fit-for-purpose products. The new concept improves availability, provides lighter weights and consistent quality. It increases efficiency throughout the value chain and supports sustainable development

For further information please contact M-real Consumer Packaging:

Ritva Monkare, Marketing Manager

Mobile +358-(0)50 598 7012

E-mail: Ritva.monkare@m-real.com

Jorma Sahlstedt, Regional Sales Director

Consumer Packaging Americas

Phone: 203-229-2783

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M-real in brief:

M-real is one of Europe's leading producers of paperboard and paper. Its customers include converters, brand owners, publishers, printing houses, merchants and office suppliers. M-real supports its customers' businesses by providing high-performance paperboards and high quality papers for consumer packaging, communications and advertising end-uses. Together with its customers and partners, M-real develops products and services for demanding end-uses. The company's paperboard is mainly used for the packaging of beauty care and healthcare products, cigarettes, branded food and consumer durables as well as graphic end-uses. Paper is used for magazines, catalogues, art books, brochures, direct mail and office papers. M-real's business areas are Consumer Packaging, Graphic Papers and Office Papers. M-real is headquartered in Finland. In 2007, the company's sales totalled EUR 4.4 (5.9USD) billion, and it has over 9,000 employees. M-real, part of Metsaliitto Group is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. Metsaliitto is the eighth largest forest industry group in the world with sales of EUR 8 (10USD) billion. www.m-real.com

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