LynuxWorks Highlights IoT Security Solutions at the Internet of Things Developers Conference

Live demos of LynxOS 7.0 RTOS and LynxSecure 5.2 Hypervisor show comprehensive security for connected devices

SANTA CLARA, CA, IoT Dev Con – LynuxWorks, Inc., a world leader in real-time embedded solutions, will demonstrate advanced embedded technology addressing the protection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected embedded devices from advanced cyber threats. The open standards based LynxOS 7.0 with its comprehensive built-in security capabilities, provides a unique security foundation for real-time connected edge devices. LynxSecure, an embedded hypervisor built on military-grade separation kernel technology allows IoT gateways to protect sensor networks from Internet borne malicious attacks.

Internet of Things Security Product Demonstrations

LynuxWorks will be demonstrating key parts of its security product portfolio showing how the embedded sensors, aggregators and routers, and even endpoints and servers, can be protected using the LynxOS 7.0 RTOS and/or LynxSecure embedded hypervisor. A LynxOS 7.0 embedded target will be connected to a LynxSecure protected, multi-OS endpoint, demonstrating how edge devices can easily and securely connect to a protected gateway.

LynxOS 7.0

As more embedded devices connect to the Internet and each other, LynxOS 7.0 meets the increasing security requirements for real-time operating systems. LynxOS 7.0 brings military-grade security features into the operating system allowing developers to embed these features as they design their system, rather than adding security as an afterthought. This security can be used to protect both user accessible and also M2M based embedded devices, and includes features such as access control lists, audit, quotas, local trusted path, account management, trusted menu manager and OpenPAM.


The LynxSecure "Type-0" hypervisor is an award winning bare-metal architecture, designed by LynuxWorks, that differentiates from type 1 hypervisors by removing the unneeded functionality from the "security sensitive" hypervisor mode, yet virtualizes the guest operating system (OS) in a tiny stand-alone package. By combining the best-of-breed capabilities of the separation kernel technology and virtualization, LynxSecure provides unmatched capabilities to run one or more guest OS (real-time or GPOS) on embedded, desktop or server platforms.

LynxSecure provides one of the most flexible secure virtualization solutions for use in Intel architecture-based embedded and IT computer systems. Designed to maintain the highest levels of military security and built-from-the-ground-up to achieve it, LynxSecure offers an industry-leading combination of security with functionality, allowing developers and integrators to use the latest software and hardware technologies to build complex OS-based systems.

About LynuxWorks

LynuxWorks is world leader in secure virtualization and open and reliable real-time operating system (RTOS). The company's LynxOS family of OS offers open standards with the highest level of safety and security features, enabling many mission-critical systems in defense, avionics industrial, and other industries. The latest product in the portfolio, the award winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation kernel and hypervisor that forms a virtualization platform for securing both embedded and IT systems. Since it was established in 1988, LynuxWorks has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading communications, industrial, transportation, avionics, aerospace/defense, and consumer electronics companies. LynuxWorks' headquarters are located in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit

Robert Day, VP of LynxWorks is available at IoT for an interview.

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