Lux Scientiae, Incorporated Launches LuxSci Platform

Clients can now run LuxSci e-mail hosting software on their own servers

BOSTON, Feb. 29, 2008 -- Premium secure e-mail and Web hosting company Lux Scientiae, Incorporated
( has just launched its new LuxSci Platform ( As a result, the company's clients can now run LuxSci's popular e-mail hosting software - complete with end-to-end security systems - on their own servers from anywhere in the world.

"The LuxSci Platform is a version of the LuxSci e-mail and Web system designed for our clients to be able to deploy and manage highly secure e-mail and Web systems in their own data centers," explained LuxSci president Erik Kangas, Ph.D.
"Each deployment of the LuxSci Platform is custom tailored to meet the client's needs and offers options for future revisions."

LuxSci provides all LuxSci Platform clients free consulting services to determine their hardware requirements, the number and type of servers needed, and the operating system to run the LuxSci Platform software. Training on the LuxSci Platform is included, along with an online system reference manual. Clients provide their own technical support after the system's initial installation and configuration, but for an additional fee, LuxSci will provide higher-level support for a client's administrators. For all clients, LuxSci automatically updates the LuxSci Platform software as needed.

In essence, LuxSci Platform makes it possible for its industry-leading secure e-mail hosting solution to run affordably on a client's own servers. Businesses in need of custom or very large installations, as well as those whose security policies require in-house e-mail hosting, can now take advantage of the premium encrypted e-mail hosting capabilities for which LuxSci is known.

"LuxSci Platform is an answer to our clients who have long wanted to run our software on their servers," Kangas stated.

"We are pleased to be able to provide a robust, fully functional version of our secure e-mail hosting for clients who want an affordable, world-class in-house e-mail hosting solution."

About Lux Scientiae, Incorporated (LuxSci)

LuxSci has been providing secure, premium e-mail services since 1999. The Boston-based corporation specializes in business-class secure e-mail hosting and anti-spam and anti-virus services and features responsive technical support. For more information, visit


Erik Kangas, Ph.D.
Lux Scientiae, Incorporated

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