LUMINOLTM TR and TRi The Only Electrical Insulating Fluids In Canada That Meet Upgraded CSA C50-08 Special Requirements

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada December 2, 2008: Petro-Canada has announced that their LUMINOL TR and TRi electrical insulating fluids are the only fluids in the Canadian market today that meet the new Type III and Type IV special requirements introduced by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The new requirements were created to ensure that electrical insulating fluids perform under the increasing demand put on today's HVDC and shell-type power transformers, free-breathing transformers operating under overload conditions, and reactors.

Today's transformers are more heavily loaded than ever before,says Jennifer Lai, Petro-Canada's Specialty Products Category Manager. The industry has recognized the increased need for higher levels of oxidative stability from insulating fluids and the new CSA category upgrades reflect that need. Our LUMINOL brand has always stood out as one of the highest quality electrical insulating fluids available and we're proud to announce that without any reformulation both the TR and TRi formulations meet the newly upgraded CSA special requirements.

The new specification, now referred to as CSA C50-08 (formerly CSA C50-97) includes four revisions: upgraded ASTM D1275B corrosive sulphur testing; addition of a reclaimed oil category; limits for 2-furaldehyde; and most notably, two new fluid categories Type III and Type IV. Fluids meeting the new Types III and IV will offer increased levels of protection and performance and are also suitable for general use where a much longer oil life is desired. A copy of CSA C50 can be obtained at

Specifications and requirements become more stringent as workloads increase,says Lai. When we develop and formulate fluids we always look to the future to ensure that our products will be useful for multiple applications for years to come. Our LUMINOL family of fluids represents a breakthrough in electrical insulating fluids technology and is a great example of Petro-Canada's dedication to innovation.

LUMINOL TR meets the Type I and now also the new Type III category. Type I covers oils that are uninhibited (i.e. 0.08% DBPC); Type III covers oils that are also uninhibited but with higher oxidative stability (as tested at 120C/248F for 332 hours). LUMINOL TRi meets the Type II and now also the new Type IV category. Type II covers oils that are inhibited (i.e. between 0.08 and 0.40% DBPC); Type IV covers oils that are also inhibited but with higher oxidation stability (as tested at 120C/248F for 500 hours).


LUMINOL TR and LUMINOL TRi are ideal for use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity. Petro-Canada's ultra-pure severely hydrotreated iso-paraffin base fluids help LUMINOL minimize power loss and maximize productivity. The fluid can withstand energy spikes, as well as hot and cold weather extremes better than naphthenic electrical insulating oils. Their naturally high oxidation stability resists breakdown longer and helps provide extended service life, resulting in less maintenance and top-up. LUMINOL delivers worry-free, corrosive sulphur-free performance in your transformer.

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