Lucifer Furnaces Equips Laboratory Testing Inc. with 2nd Red Devil Furnace

Laboratory Testing Inc., a full-service materials testing lab in the Philadelphia area, has added a Lucifer Red Devil dual chamber furnace to their line of analytical equipment. Destructive Testing Manager Brandon McVaugh chose a Lucifer Furnace because “Lucifer’s furnaces have good uniformity and are capable of meeting AMS 2750 requirements for aerospace, because of the generous work zones to accommodate larger parts, and because of Lucifer’s flexibility in options for temperature controllers and recording devices.” LTI uses the furnace to perform capability heat treating to various specifications for ASTM, AMS, GE, ASME and other customer requirements, including solution treatment cycles, aging cycles, post weld heat treat, normalizing, hardening, and tempering. The Red Devil Dual Chamber Furnace is designed as an affordable option for occasional heat treaters looking for durable energy efficient equipment. With both chambers 12”H x14”W x24”L, the upper chamber is programmed to heat to 2200°F while the lower oven reaches 1200°F. Dual Chamber furnaces allow a user to harden in the upper chamber then temper/draw in the lower oven without waiting for a single chamber unit to cool down. Both chambers are lined with 4.5” multilayer lightweight firebrick insulation and mineral wool backup precision dry fit to allow for thermal expansion while minimizing heat loss. Easy to replace heating elements simplify maintenance. For Laboratory Testing Inc., Lucifer customized a standard Red Devil Model RD8-KHE24 with Eurotherm 3204 programmable controllers and Honeywell UDC1200 overtemperature controllers. The upper chamber was modified with a gas spring vertical lift door. This dual chamber furnace will join another Red Devil already on site. Both Lucifer and Laboratory Testing Inc. are family owned, second generation small businesses involved with metal material handling. Laboratory Testing Inc. specializes in performing metals testing through destructive testing methods, including mechanical, metallurgical, chemical and corrosion testing, and nondestructive testing (NDT) methods.

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