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MILWAUKEE, WI (DECEMBER 2, 2016) - Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. has launched a new and updated micro-website, based off of the original publication of The Brazing Book. The original publication, released almost thirty years ago, has long been a helpful tool for both the novice brazer and the seasoned engineer.

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. has implemented a new, user-friendly and mobile-compatible website to better suit the needs of its customer. The mission of this website however, remains the same: to expand the applications of brazing by relaying the many advantages of it as a metal-joining method, while being realistic about its limitations. An overview of the many people and industries using brazing techniques to increase their manufacturing efficiencies is also included.

The website is divided into five main reference sections:

Section One - “Brazing” Provides a comprehensive overview of general information in regards to brazing. From the six fundamentals of the brazing process, to the difference between brazing and welding, this is a good place to begin.

Section Two - “Brazing Material” Off-the-shelf or custom-made, Lucas-Milhaupt, provides you with the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective filler metal forms.

Section Three - “Real-World Application” Moving from the theoretical to the practical, this section discusses a number of current brazing applications, all of them utilizing Lucas-Milhaupt brazing materials.

Section Four - “About” Provides information in regards to our widely diversified manufacturing company. Lucas-Milhaupt, a Handy & Harman company, has a rich history of both product and process innovation.

Section Five - “Support” Lucas-Milhaupt is not only the leading supplier of brazing and soldering products and services, we are your complete source for technical information and assistance. A staff of chemists, metallurgists and engineers are on-hand to provide technical support for our customers.

For additional information or technical assistance with brazing, please call 1-800-558-3856 or fill out the “Contact Us” form located in the ‘About’ section of

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. is a global leader in the development and application of brazing technologies, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of brazing and soldering materials to the electrical/electronic, appliance, transportation, construction and mining markets worldwide. The company offers a complete selection of metal-joining products, comprehensive fabrication services and knowledgeable technical support to their global network of customers. For further company background, visit the company website at

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