Low-Voltage LED Cobrahead Light Fixture by LEDtronics Anchors a Portable, Quick-Assembly Solar Light System for Military Bases

Terawatt Construction, Inc., a California construction company that harnesses various types of energy-saving technologies to design and develop engineering solutions, needed a low-voltage but bright light source with minimal wattage consumption. The 10-30VDC area street light was for a project that the firm was developing for remote field security applications at U.S. Marine bases. Most importantly, it needed to be American-made with reliable sustainability.

The LEDtronics SLL006-3D86-TPW-004-10/30V cobrahead light fixture fit the bill. It consumes only 60 watts and provides around 3,525 lumens; its 20 lb weight lends itself to portability.

The system as designed is a portable drop-and-go light source. Once delivered to a site, it can be assembled in less than 20 minutes and becomes a quick and efficient light source in a very short time. It has a long battery-operated life and, as an option, can operate a 120V receptacle at the base.

LEDtronics solid-state lighting products keep helping companies such as Barstow-based Terawatt Construction to provide energy-efficient solutions to industry and government institutions with alternate and renewable energy sources.

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