Local Business Expanding Despite Economic Downturn

Mercersburg, PA (August 24, 2009) - Despite many local businesses facing layoffs and closing their doors, APX Enclosures, Inc. of Mercersburg, PA is pushing toward expansion. This week, APX Enclosures, Inc. has announced the launch of its newest division, APX SignTek and its first product at the International Municipal Signal Association 114th annual conference in Orlando, FL.

In recent months, APX has begun designing and manufacturing internally illuminated traffic street signs. APX's signs help drivers to see street names from further away, improving their ability to safely navigate and reduce accidents. The new technology is driven by the need to accommodate the increase in elderly and unfamiliar drivers.

APX SignTek's first sign was installed last week in Virginia Beach, VA. Similar technology is being adopted in many states where an emphasis on driver safety is high. According to industry comparisons, APX SignTek boasts the brightest and most visible signs in the industry. Federal regulations regarding traffic signage indicate that signs like APX SignTek should be used whenever possible.

APX SignTek signs also appeal to the environmentally conscious, as they use LED technology which use 80% less electricity and lasts 10 times as long as regular incandescent lights. While upfront costs for the signs is higher than traditional signage, the long-term benefits and savings are well worth the investment.

In a down economy, APX hopes the new division creates more jobs for the local area. Government spending on infrastructure projects is high, and APX hopes to capture the new market.

APX President, Andrew Papoutsis, of Waynesboro said, "We believe if we make a great product that benefits communities, the possibilities are endless. We can thrive even in this difficult economy." Papoutsis said he also contributes APX's success to hard work and innovation. "At APX, we are constantly improving our manufacturing process and making sure we do things right."

In the coming months, APX SignTek also hopes to begin production on another safety product: solar powered flashing stop signs.

APX SignTek is a subsidiary of APX Enclosures, Inc. and is located in Mercersburg, PA. APX Enclosures, Inc. builds outdoor enclosures for various applications including military, telecommunications and public utility. For more information on APX Enclosures, Inc. please visit www.apx-enclosures.com.

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