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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Power Plants

Press release date: Feb 17, 2009

Vooner offers conical port liquid ring vacuum pumps for removing non-condensable gases from condensers. The VTS Series of two stage liquid vacuum pumps are commonly used for removing gases under normal condenser operating conditions to 1.0"HgA or lower while providing greater low vacuum capacity to assist with hogging or handle upset conditions. The VG and V4 Series' of single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps with capacities to 13,000 ACFM are commonly used in condenser hogging applications and available in stainless steel construction for geothermal condenser service.

Vooner also offers long-lasting 316 stainless steel pumps for fly ash bag filter recovery systems, gypsum dewatering and vacuum deaerators. All Vooner pumps are bolt-in replacements for CL, 904 and AT Series pumps. Every pump is performance tested to HEI standards in Charlotte, NC. Our rigorous quality control inspections and performance tests guarantee that each Vooner pump matches the capacity and power consumption shown on our performance curves.

About Vooner FloGard Corporation: In 1983, Vooner was founded to supply lower cost "bolt in replacement" vacuum pumps to replace industry standard products. Complete technical information can be downloaded for user sizing and installation at our website