LIMS to Enhance Arctic Asset Visibility for TOTE Logistics

La Jolla, CA — Tapestry Solutions is working with TOTE Logistics and their oil and gas customers to improve asset visibility for high-value equipment in Alaska. The initiative is identifying ways to quickly and accurately locate assets to increase operational efficiency, save money, and promote the effective use of available resources.

In the arctic environment, severe weather conditions limit visual identification of items, and the terrain frequently necessitates the movement of high-value equipment and drilling-rig supplies.

"After years of working with the engineers at Tapestry Solutions moving military cargoes, we believed their software solution (ICODES) would be a great tool for our project," said Paul Gallagher, TOTE Logistics Director of Project Services. "We came to Tapestry with a complicated set of challenges and they joined our team and have worked hard to solve them."

Tapestry is providing TOTE and their subsidiary, Carlile Transportation Systems, with logistics solutions engineered for use in austere conditions including hardware, software, and support services. The hardware will include ruggedized laptops and RFID technology provided by VerdaSee Solutions under subcontract to LIMS, including scanners, RFID tags, and tag printers. Support services will consist of training, documentation, and exploration-specific vessel and yard drawings.

Tapestry's software solution, ICODES Commercial (Integrated Computerized Deployment System), is a set of tools that will help oil and gas companies manage requirements and business processes for daily management of transportation terminals, particularly creating load-plans for multiple modes of transportation.

In scenarios specific to Arctic operations, Tapestry excelled in demonstrating RFID capabilities in support of tracking drilling-rig supplies (e.g., chemicals, consumables, pipe fittings, pipes) on pallets and in closed and open-top containers using ICODES Commercial. Tapestry will explore the capacity of these solutions to enhance asset visibility for planned operations including equipment tracking on offshore supply vessels, barges, drill rigs, and terminals.

"We look forward to helping TOTE Logistics and their clients improve both their operations and their bottom line. This set of applications will help them to manage equipment, improve efficiency and track expensive resources in the challenging arctic environment," said Tony Rigazzi, Vice President of Tapestry's Defense Products Group.

About TOTE Logistics

TOTE Logistics was formed to manage all logistics activities for TOTE, Inc. through its operating companies: Spectrum Transportation and Carlile Transportation. TOTE is responsible for a variety of companies in the maritime, services, ship holdings, and logistics business. TOTE Logistics heads Saltchuk Operating Group's shipping and logistics operation, moving one-third of all cargo to Alaska.

About LIMS

Boeing subsidiaries Tapestry Solutions and Miro Technologies form Boeing’s Logistics Information Management Systems (LIMS). LIMS, a subdivision of the Boeing Training Systems and Government Services (TSGS), delivers value to Boeing and its customers by focusing its products and services on DoD, Commercial, and International Markets. LIMS is recognized as a leader in developing custom and commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions and providing world-class training and support services. LIMS manages and optimizes business processes and operations to help its customers achieve maximum efficiency in their distribution processes.


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