Lightweight Portable Unit Saves Rolls with Crushed Cores

Double E's portable hydraulic core restorer has replaced the company's earlier pneumatic model. The new core restorer is much lighter and easier to transport. It also reaches far deeper into the core so it can help to fix core problems in the middle of the core as well as on the ends.

The core restorer is designed to restore damaged cores to original roundness in just a few minutes. The unit is comprised of two parts; the hydraulic pump and the body. At the end of the body, various jaw inserts can be used to suit different core diameters. To open crushed cores, operators simply insert the collapsed jaws into the core, then activate the pump using the lever. A few easy pumps will deliver over a ton of opening force to the core. This process is repeated to reach further into the core. The long insertion length of the body allows it to reach deep inside crushed cores, ultimately saving valuable roll material. It is easy to use and only one operator is necessary. Available for 3 inch cores and larger.

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