LG Uses Sandvik Strip Steel in New High Tech Compressor Design

The new high efficiency, low energy and more environmentally friendly linear compressor, developed by LG Electronics (LG) for refrigeration applications, utilizes the enhanced material properties of Sandvik Hiflex(TM) stainless strip steel from Sandvik Materials Technology.

After several years of pioneering R & D and considerable investment, LG was the world's first company to commercialize linear compressors. Unlike existing compressors based on circular motor principles, the new compressor moves linearly and cuts down dramatically on power consumption.

In order to achieve these benefits, LG needed particular properties from the strip steel used in the suction valves-particularly a higher fatigue resistance on impact and bending. A more environmentally friendly cooling media incorporated into the design, also means higher pressures and temperatures, placing further demands on the valve material.

Meeting these challenges is Sandvik Hiflex- a martensitic, stainless, chromium steel alloyed with molybdenum. Sandvik Hiflex provides increased tensile strength and improved toughness. It has more than 10% greater bending fatigue strength and 25% improvement in impact fatigue resistance compared with conventional stainless steel strip for valves.

Sandvik Hiflex has a bending fatigue strength of +/- 750MPA and a maximum allowable impact velocity of 12.5m/s (41ft/s).

As well as meeting LG's requirements, Sandvik Hiflex offers design advantages in conventional compressor applications. It enables designers to reduce the size of valves and compressors by using shorter valve tongues to achieve the same valve lift. In addition, it allows increased valve lift in order to reduce pressure drop across the valve and boost compressor efficiency. Thinner valve flaps can reduce mechanical losses. Sandvik Hiflex can equally be used to improve the reliability of existing valves prone to fatigue failures.

Now proven in product testing and commercial application with LG, the fatigue resistant properties of Sandvik Hiflex have also been proved in the reliability of exhaust valves in automotive air conditioning systems.

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