Lexair, Inc. announces additional information and features added to our website

As you know, we announced the unveiling of our totally renovated website last fall. Since that time we have continually added new information and features to help make using our site easier and more beneficial.

New features include:

o A readily accessible website "SEARCH" function has been added that can be found near the top right corner of any page once you have entered either the "Machine Tool Accessories" or "Valves" section of the site. This feature allows you to search for specific information by a key word, words or a phrase within the Lexair, Inc. website.
o A "Library" page has been added for the "Valves" section of the website.
o Inside views and/or how it works pages with additional information have been added for many of our products. These pages can be accessed via hypertext links on the "Product Profile" page, through hypertext links on the "Specifications and Model Numbers" page under the product image or from the Machine Tool Accessory or Valves "Library" pages.

Products that are covered at this time include:

Machine Tool Accessories - Rhinobar® and Mini Rhinobar® series bar feeders, Full Bore® Collet Chucks, Prodyne® Fixed-Length Collet Chucks, Prodyne® Servo Collet Chucks and our Collet Closer line.

Valves - 2-way direct pilot operated Poppet Valves in normally open and normally closed models, 3-way direct pilot operated Poppet Valves, Hi-Cyclic® Valves, Mini 1 Valves and our Tube-O-Matic® series.

Additional products are continually being added.

o Clicking any image found on a "Product Profile" page will yield a larger image in an exciting new "Lightbox" format.
o ANSI Symbols have been added to the "Specifications and Model Numbers" pages for all Valve product lines.

Please remember that if you have visited our site before, your computer has probably "cached" old information. Be sure to hit your refresh button after a page loads so that the newest and latest information will be displayed. Depending upon your browser settings, you may want to clear your cache file completely since we have many pages that have changed. Please consult your IT department for assistance on clearing your cache files if you are not familiar with how to do so.

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