Lexair Customer Service Department Changes

We would like to inform you of recent changes within our Fluid Power Customer Service Group. We have recently added additional personnel to this department. The reasons for doing so are many and include the ever increasing volume of orders, inquiries, etc. that must be handled on a daily basis by this department.
Many of you already know or have spoken with Nancy Suttles over the past twenty plus years that she has been at Lexair. Nancy continues on as one of our Inside Sales Coordinators and is a valuable part of this group as she possesses many years of knowledge about our products and procedures as they relate to our customer service activities and our distribution network.

Joining Nancy in the role of Inside Sales Coordinator is Leaffie True who was promoted from our Accounting Department where she was responsible for accounts receivable, invoicing etc. In addition to working in our Accounting Department for the past two and one half years, Leaffie brings with her many years of customer service related activities from previous employment experiences. Nancy and Leaffie will be the normal points of contact for inquiries relating to order entry, order expediting, pricing, availability and other types of sales related questions and activities.

Rounding out our additions to the Customer Service Group is John Lokken who was recently hired to be our Technical Sales Specialist. John possesses over thirty-five years of Fluid Power related experience ranging from inside sales, technical assistance and product management to application and sales engineering related roles. John has worked for a couple of major manufacturers in the past and will draw on the experiences from various positions that he has held to fulfill his role at Lexair. His duties will be split into two areas. He will be assisting the group with technical product or application related calls and other types of inquiries from distributors. He will also be visiting with distributors and customers to make sales presentations, attending distributor sales meetings when needed and doing product training at the distributor sales level as well as assisting in various other outside sales related activities.

Nancy, Leaffie or John can be reached by phone in the office by dialing 859-255-5001 and asking for them or by fax at 859-255-6656. John can also be reached via cell phone at 859-361-6859. For reference, Nancy's e-mail address is [email protected] , Leaffie's is [email protected] and John's is [email protected]

At Lexair, we stand ready to assist our distributors and customers in any way that we can. We have added the additional personnel in an effort to continue to provide the best level of customer service that is possible. If you need additional information or have questions that Nancy, Leaffie or John can not answer, please fell free to contact me.

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