Leviton "Pitches" Electrical Safety to Long Island Ducks Fans

Tamper-Resistant Outlets Score Big during May's Electrical Safety Month

Melville, New York, June 16, 2010-Leviton, the leader in electrical safety for homes and businesses, capped out May, Electrical Safety Month, by partnering with the Long Island Ducks to raise awareness of measures parents can take to protect their children from home electrical hazards. As the Ducks edged out the New Jersey Somerset Patriots in May 27th's 8-3 game, Leviton "pitched" a strong public safety message on the potentially life-saving importance of tamper-resistant outlets.

"More than 50% of Ducks fans are 12 years of age or under and attend games with their parents," explains William Fodor, Director of ED Channel Marketing. "It's our responsibility to help educate parents on how they can prevent electrical hazards in the home. As the night's game sponsor, we were able to capture fans as they entered the stadium and show them how tamper-resistant outlets work and why they are critical in homes with young children."

Tamper-resistant outlets have been required by the National Electric Code (NEC) in new home construction since January 2008. The outlets contain protective shutters that accept only a properly-rated electrical plug, preventing the insertion of foreign objects by curious young fingers. These outlets are the most foolproof way for protecting toddlers and small children from the dangers of coming into contact with an outlet's internal components. They offer a higher measure of safety than plastic outlet caps, which can be removed or broken, and are also a superior solution to shuttered wall plates, which can crack or break and are no longer UL listed.

A recent study based on 24,000 hospital incidents, reported over a 10-year period1,shows that an average of seven children a day suffer first, second or third degree burns, and in some instances, fatalities, as a result of electrical accidents. "Kids are naturally curious and have been known to insert hair pins, paper clips and other electrically-conductive metal objects into electrical outlets. Leviton is here to urge parents with young children to install tamper-resistant outlets and avoid these all too common and easily preventable injuries," Fodor adds.

Leviton representatives handed out LED nightlights to young fans and raffled off a JBL 5-Channel Home Cinema Speaker System during the evening. The system is part of the company's line of high- quality audio products that are an integral part of Leviton's Connected Home offering. Company President and CEO Donald J. Hendler was on the pitcher's mound to hurl out the first pitch of the evening and succinctly summarized the company's presence at the game in saying, "If only one person uses electricity more safely and avoids an issue, we have done a service to the community."

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