Leviton Licenses Two-Way Communication Technology for Wireless Home Control Networks

Little Neck, NY, January 9, 2007 - Leviton has licensed its industry-leading two-way communication protocol for Z-Wave(TM) wireless home control networks to leading-edge software developers and hardware manufacturers in the home automation field. Lagotek Corporation, ControlThink and HAI are among the first companies in the rapidly-expanding home controls market to integrate Leviton's exclusive two-way Z-Wave protocol into their own product offerings. Lagotek and ControlThink are home controls software platform providers. HAI is a manufacturer of home control devices.

Leviton's two-way Z-Wave communications protocol actively indicates whether loads on a Z-Wave network are ON or OFF. This provides added convenience and flexibility to homeowners, especially when controlled loads are out of sight or reach. The distinctive two-way communication protocol makes it possible for homeowners to find out if a home's security system is ON or OFF, or if the thermostat at a vacation home is running to maintain the house in the winter, when frozen pipes can spell disaster. Since these functions can be performed over the Internet, a cell phone, or PDA, homeowners can verify the status of any home system and make adjustments from anywhere in the world, adding a whole new meaning to the phrase "call home."

Leviton developed the advanced communication technology as one of the many features of its Vizia(TM)-RF offering, a line of digital dimmers and switches with a full-function scene controller, zone-controller, appliance and lamp modules and remote controls that can be installed as a single, stand-alone lighting control network or as part of Z-Wave's larger "intelligent" network of controls for HVAC, access control, intruder and fire detection, appliance control and other home systems.

For more information, contact: Leviton Manufacturing, 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362, www.leviton.com.


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