Leviton Launches Lighting Control Console Offering for Total Show Control Targeted Towards Professional Lighting Designer Needs

Little Neck, NY, December 8, 2006 - Leviton's new 8700 Series digital lighting control consoles are designed to provide streamlined management and control of all aspects of professional lighting production. The 8700 Series offers simplified control of both conventional and automated lighting, with visualization and design services provided by the included Capture(TM) software package. Each model includes 20,000 cues, each with up to nine parts supporting jumps, loops, follows, split fade times and other common parameters. The consoles also highlight 2,000 groups, 2,000 pages, 2,000 macros, and 2,000 effects. The extensive catalog of 99 libraries can be personalized to the user's individual taste of attribute palettes.

Comprising the 8700 Series are the GX, GS, and GL models, each with 24 sub-masters and a touring model. In addition, GX & GS models are available with 48 sub-masters and the GX offers an integrated touch screen. All models feature definable buttons and encoders to provide the operator with expanded control capability. Automated device position is controlled via trackball and attributes via touch screen (GX series) or encoders (all models). All attributes can be easily modified live. The 8700 Series effects generation allows for rapid creation of chases, patterns and shapes in various operating modes. Assignable response curves offer custom tailoring to channel-to-level response based on your unique preferences. A series of multimedia ports allow the integration of slide projectors, video reproductions, audios, keyboards and more, enabling the console to become a complete scene creation platform with both online and offline editing capabilities on a PC.

Capture, the 3D CAD lighting visualization and design software included with each model, is designed to be powerful yet simple to use. It offers unique functions such as a fully drag'n'drop-enabled design structure instead of a selection-oriented design structure for an easy user interface. A built-in calculator intelligently computes dimensions when variable unit measures are entered. To provide unmatched realism in live simulation, Capture takes exact factors into account, such as the overall brightness of breakup gobos, aperture sizes, difference in light outputs, light attenuation, and more.

Designed to be informative, flexible, and accessible for total show control, the 8700 Series presents professional lighting management for any application level.

For more information contact: Leviton Manufacturing, 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362, www.leviton.com.


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