Lenthor Engineering Invests in Testing with CyberOptics Solder Paste Inspection System

Milpitas, California; Lenthor Engineering, a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of Rigid-Flex and Flex printed circuit boards, announces the recent installation of a new CyberOptics SE500 solder paste inspection system.

The SE500 will allow Lenthor to push inspection speeds to the highest level possible for even the most demanding assemblies without compromising on accuracy and dependability. The new system will help them to achieve high quality joints with accurate volume measurement every single time. The SE500 provides 3-D height, volume and area measurements for boards with SCPs, micro-BGAs and other small pad sizes where volume is critical in joint reliability. The new system is also equipped with flexible circuit warp compensation algorithm to compensate for warp on complex shapes within a field of view.

Director of Sales and Marketing, David Moody stated, “This machine is going to optimize our solder paste process, reduce rework and improve yield, allowing us to continue to enhance the service and support we provide to our customers.”

For additional information, contact:

David Moody

Director Sales/ Marketing

Corporate Headquarters:

311 Turquoise Street,

Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 957-3487



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