Leica Offers New, Free Histology Consumable Products Catalog

BANNOCKBURN, ILLINOIS. Leica Microsystems offers a new, full color, 16-page brochure that describes Leica's consumable products for the histology laboratory.

Leica provides a wide variety of cassettes, either pre-stacked specifically for use on the Leica IP C Cassette Printer, or loose for general laboratory requirements. All Leica routine and biopsy cassettes are molded from a high-density polymer that is fully resistant to typical laboratory chemicals, and suitable for routine or specialized (i.e., microwave) processing techniques. Users can choose from cassettes that accept metal lids or those with molded polymer lids that are attached in either the open or closed position.

The catalog also features Leica Histowax(TM), a highly purified paraffin that is formulated to give outstanding tissue infiltration and superior quality sections.

Also featured are Leica EasyDip Staining Jars and Racks, and a variety of storage and shipping containers. Leica's Pre-loaded Coverglass Magazine, which provides extraordinary convenience when loading coverglass into the Leica CV5030 glass coverslipper, is also described in the catalog.

To order a free catalog or to place an order for any of Leica's range of consumable histology products, please call 800-248-0123.

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