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LEESON Electric Partners with Thomas Enterprise Solutions to Better Serve its Distributors

Press release date: Jan 13, 2014

Engineers and Maintenance Professionals now benefit from 24/7 access to thousands of detailed technical specs and 2D/3D CAD models

New York, NY — Thomas Enterprise Solutions recently announced a new partnership with LEESON Electric to help the company and its distributors improve efficiencies and grow sales.

LEESON, along with its sister company, Marathon Electric, manufactures over 6,000 AC and DC stock motors, gearmotors and control solutions. These motors can be found in material handling equipment, pumps, fans and blowers, machine tools, power transmission products, and a host of other industrial and commercial products. The company is headquartered in Grafton, Wisconsin, and is part of Regal-Beloit Corporation (RBC-NYSE), the leading international manufacturer of mechanical and electrical components for motion control and power generation.

In addition to making its packaged solutions available to customers from 23 US locations, the company wanted to make it easier for their distributors to provide customers and prospects with the detailed product data they need. Most of LEESON’s customers are engineers who also appreciate having 2D/3D CAD models and drawings that they can immediately download and insert into their projects rather than having to wait for hand drawings. Partnering with Thomas, the company is now able to provide complete product data to its distributors.

“Thomas’ service is a huge efficiency booster for LEESON,” said Jennifer Ehrlich, Distribution Specialist for LEESON. “Providing data for a single distributor can take weeks or months, and Thomas accelerates this process. In the long run, this means more sales opportunities for our partners and us,” she added.

Thomas’ Enterprise Solutions team worked closely with LEESON to centralize its product data, including detailed technical specifications on thousands of parts and 2D/3D CAD models and drawings. In addition, Thomas is helping LEESON to syndicate its detailed product data into LEESON’s distributors’ systems in the unique formats each distributor requires. These partners can then make this data instantly available for their customers.

“One of the biggest challenges that distributors face today is having access to correctly formatted product data from their manufacturers. LEESON is setting itself apart by making this data available on a turnkey basis. By doing this they are showing a strong commitment to their distributors as business partners,” said Michael Sprague, Director, eBusiness Development, Thomas Enterprise Solutions.

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Thomas Enterprise Solutions is part of Thomas Industrial Network, Inc., an information and technology company that connects manufacturing and industrial buyers and sellers.

Our Enterprise Solutions Group works closely with manufacturers and distributors to effectively manage digital product data across a variety of enterprise-wide systems and sales channels to meet their strategic business needs. Leveraging our proprietary Navigator Platform technology, services include webCAD publishing and product configurator technology. Also, we help syndicate manufacturers’ data and CAD drawings directly to their large distributors and OEM channel partners as well as integrating content into design and sourcing platforms that are part of an organization's daily workflow, from Intergraph SmartPlant 3D for the power, process and marine industries, to Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for construction of buildings and bridges. For more information, go to

Together with our sister company, Marathon Electric, LEESON offers over 6,000 AC and DC stock motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and control solutions. All built for industrial use with the features you expect for new installation requirements and convenient replacement. There are twenty-three stocking warehouses in the USA.

Our technical sales force is committed to the LEESON family vision and customer satisfaction.

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