Learn How to Implement an Extreme Makeover, Factory Edition

Visual Workplace Factory Makeover training DVD illustrates how to effectively create a visual workplace that stands the test of time, and yields amazing results

BYRON CENTER, MI - Visual Workplace, Inc. introduces the Visual Workplace Factory Makeover training DVD. This 30-minute video teaches employees how to eliminate waste through the removal of information deficits - those missing pieces of crucial information that slow down a workforce and result in wasted time, money and other resources. This training is not just theory, but is powerfully demonstrated by way of an actual visual workplace implementation at a La-Z-Boy furniture manufacturing facility. A $129.95 value, Visual Workplace Factory Makeover is now available for free.

"For years '5S' and 'visual workplace' are terms that have mistakenly been viewed as one in the same. Companies that have become frustrated with 5S are now looking for more - they want drastic inventory reductions, improved productivity, increased machine utilization, point-of-use work instructions and decreased space requirements. The reason these types of improvements are so often difficult to realize for many companies is simply the result of missing information in a workplace that is not visual," says Rhonda Kovera, CEO, Visual Workplace Inc.

A visual workplace is an environment that directs, evaluates and corrects itself at every moment, and is populated with a culture that strives to recognize and eliminate the root causes associated with information deficits. Such an environment does not materialize by simply organizing the workplace or implementing 5S alone. The Visual Workplace Factory Makeover video powerfully illustrates the specific strategy required to implement a true visual workplace that cuts costs and improves productivity.

"In the past, La-Z-Boy had worked hard to organize their workplace using the 5S methodology. But they found it difficult to energize their employees because 5S was perceived to be a glorified industrial housekeeping program, and they had not realized significant cost savings or other improvements in return for their efforts. With our help they decided to create a visual workplace of their own, and the results they have achieved are nothing short of eye opening," says Kovera.

Watching this transformation in action will teach viewers a unique, easy-to-follow method for executing a visual workplace that will generate significant improvements. The video promises to provide a clear map to follow for companies who are serious about transforming their workplace into a lean, productive visual workplace.


Visual Workplace is a global provider of 5S and Lean products that help users effectively implement and sustain an organized workplace that speaks for itself, that is self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating and self-improving. Visual Workplace solutions are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, aerospace, retail, telecommunications, government/defense, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education, among others.

The heart of Visual Workplace's product line is the Mobile In-House Sign Shop®, which enables users to make professional, custom signs quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost to buy signs from a third party. Visual controls are made at the point of use, exactly when they are needed, so the momentum and progress of 5S and Lean programs is uninterrupted. The Mobile In-House Sign Shop makes it easier to kick off and sustain 5S and Lean programs. Request a live demonstration of the Mobile In-House Sign Shop today.

For more information visit www.visualworkplaceinc.com, email info@visualworkplaceinc.com, or call 1-616-583-9400.

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