Lattice Technology Announces XVL v10, the Lightest 3D XVL Format Ever

XVL, the CAD Industry's best-ever 3D compression format, leaps ahead with version 10

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb 24, 2009 - Lattice Technology, developers of digital manufacturing applications using the XVL® format, today announced the imminent release of its most lightweight 3D format ever. XVL v10 is a next-generation format that delivers 2 times more compression of 3D data than the previous XVL formats, along with vastly improved memory consumption and speed of viewing.

Lattice Technology's XVL format, already the industry's most compressed format which also retains very high accuracy of 3D data, forms the basis for the easy sharing, reuse, simulation and testing of 3D assemblies in a sensible and productive manner no matter what the size of the data. As 3D design data assemblies have increased in size in the last few years, so the demand for much smaller - yet usable - iterations of the design data has increased.

XVL v10 (codenamed U-XVL) delivers yet more compression than the previous XVL formats while retaining accuracy of the design, reduces memory usage by another 25-40% and can be viewed, manipulated and checked more than 2 times faster than ever before.

Features of XVL v10:
o Compresses 3D data up to 0.5% of its original size
o Memory usage 25-40% improved
o 3D viewing at least 2 times faster than previous version
o Retains accuracy of the data with no compromise for file size/usability
o Further speed improvements with graphic accelerators deliver even faster viewing and usage of your 3D data, especially with NVIDIA graphics cards
o The industry's most compressed 3D format

Why Lightweight 3D formats are important
Demand for the highly compressed XVL format has increased in recent years, in line with a corresponding increase in the size of 3D data for such products as airplanes, satellites, space stations, and vehicles. While manufacturers using 3D quickly start to experience the benefits of complete 3D assemblies in the design and development stage, so they also immediately hit significant barriers when trying to share, reuse, simulate and test the data in other areas of manufacturing.

"When a company starts relying on 3D, so they find that downstream users who do not have expensive CAD seats and accompanying hardware struggle to view the data. Networks strain to handle massive 3D assembly data files. And simply getting the data to other stakeholders in the manufacturing process becomes an exercise in frustration," stated Rachael Dalton-Taggart, Director of Marketing, Lattice Technology. "Lightweight 3D formats address this problem directly, but users' focus has to be on ensuring that the accuracy of the data is maintained - and not compromised - by making the data light. With the industry's best compression, without loss of accuracy, XVL delivers precisely to those needs."

Bill Barnes, GM, Lattice Technology, added "XVL is a best-of-breed format that immediately delivers productivity, efficiency and cost savings into every kind of lean manufacturing effort. The XVL applications ensure that 3D data in XVL remains highly reusable and can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructures such as ERP, PLM, MES and PDM systems to enable fully-automated use of product design data of all kinds throughout the manufacturing enterprise and supply chain."

XVL data, which allows 3D data to be displayed with inter-related BOM information, process instructions, assembly animations and more, can be viewed using the free XVL Player. Lattice Technology's applications also support the same variety of very lightweight data in Microsoft Excel, HTML and PDF to ensure corporate standards are supported.

XVL v10 Availability

As a result of the very high compression of XVL v10, main Lattice Technology applications are being updated. These will roll-out during Summer 2009 and are available at no charge to existing maintenance customers.

To find out more about XVL 10, please visit:

About Lattice Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA, Lattice Technology provides global companies with proven digital manufacturing solutions for 2D/3D design data across the manufacturing enterprise. With Lattice Technology's XVL applications, engineers and manufacturers can perform design review, simulate assembly processes, automate creation of 3D parts lists / BOM's and create animations with even the largest 3D assemblies. Lattice's standards based XVL (eXtensible Virtual world description Language) technology provides secure, highly accurate and compressed 3D files that can be used, shared and easily supported by partners, suppliers, and internal departments in a lightweight browser-based solution. XVL is unmatched in performance, compression and accuracy. For more information, visit

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