Laser Safety Notice Signs

Laservision offers quality Laser Safety Notice signs required by ANSI standards. Our signs are made of polystyrene which are durable and easy to clean. ANSI standards recommend that Laser Safety Notice signs should be posted around Class 2M and 3R laser areas. Laser Safety Notice signs are required for all Class 3B and Class 4 lasers during maintenance, servicing or repair where the accessible laser radiation exceeds acceptable MPE.

Our Laser Safety Notice signs are available in a variety sizes to allow you appropiate signage in any laser setting. The 10" X 14" sign is ideal for larger laser environments and our 3" x 2" and 5" x 3" labels work well in a confined laser application. Magnetic, plastic and lit signs are also available. Need a custom sign? Call our laser safety experts to create a solution specific to your requirements.

All the Laser Safety Signs you need!

Keep personnel aware and safe with appropriate signs and labels in laser environments. Laservision provides a complete line of Caution, Danger, and Notice signs that are available in both standard and custom formats to fit any application you might have.

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