Large Mechanical Scissor Lift Platform Provided by Serapid, Inc for Satellite Simulator

Suppliers to a large government contracting company sought SERAPID's large platform lifting expertise for satellite simulator equipment.

This extensive lift - five and a half feet wide by 14 feet long and travelling over 13 feet in the air while lifting a 6000 pound load - fit perfectly within SERAPID's specialty. Rigid Chain telescopic lifting columns are specifically suited for lifting heavy loads over long distances while maintaining position with no drift.

SERAPID's scope of supply includes two LinkLift 80 telescopic lifting columns to lift the large, scissor guided platform. The system travels at a speed of seven feet per minute. Additionally, SERAPID's equipment will be able to hold position at the extended height with no power.

SERAPID's telescopic lifting columns are specifically designed for heavy-duty lifting applications. With nearly 40 years of experience in the harshest operating environments, they have proven their reliability and toughness.

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