Laird Publishes White Paper on Testing Wi-Fi Functionality in the Medical Devices Market

Laird, a global technology company, today announced the release of a new white paper discussing the importance of testing Wi-Fi functionality for medical devices

Laird, a global technology company, today announced the release of a new white paper discussing the importance of testing Wi-Fi functionality for medical devices. The white paper, titled Testing Wi-Fi Functionality in Medical Devices, is an excellent tool for medical device manufacturers looking to embed Wi-Fi radios into their products.

Medical devices place stringent requirements on Wi-Fi connections, because many medical devices require a persistent network connection. A disruption of even a tenth of a second can cause a failure in the transmission of data which may compromise patient care. Radio frequency (RF) transmissions between the medical device and, for example, a nurses station, may be absorbed by lead walls or human bodies, redirected by metal objects and surfaces, or disrupted by sources of RF interference.

To ensure reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, a Wi-Fi radio that is embedded in a medical device must be tested thoroughly. This white paper answers where and how to best test an embedded Wi-Fi radio and defines key requirements that should be included in testing:

• RF performance

• Interoperability with popular Wi-Fi infrastructures

• Security

• Mobility

Thorough testing such as this requires an extensive setup and experienced test engineers, both of which many embedded wireless providers and medical device manufacturers cannot afford. Medical device manufacturers who choose rigorously-tested Wi-Fi modules for their designs are one step closer to making the wirelessly connected hospital a reality.

Chris Downey from Laird and Bill Quatier from Welch Allyn will discuss medical-grade Wi-Fi for hospitals in their upcoming webinar, Making the Connected Hospital a Reality. Welch Allyn is a leading manufacturer of medical devices, products and solutions used by caregivers in doctors' offices, hospitals, and emergency response settings around the world. For more information about this webinar, and our upcoming webinars, click here.

With its world-class engineering and RF expertise, Laird continues to develop technologies and capabilities that make a wirelessly connected world possible. Embedded wireless solutions from Laird include Summit Wi-Fi radio modules, a full line of Bluetooth® radio modules and innovative RAMP radio modules. These unique product solutions are ideal for applications in the industrial, medical, and M2M communications industries.

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