Ladders for Utility Structures

Arlington, TX -- September 2021 -- All-Pro Fasteners, Inc., is introducing a new line of climbing and working devices for steel poles, towers, and other utility structures. Based on key innovations, the new ladders are manufactured for faster installation and safer climbing.

Installation is quick and easy with fewer parts to manage and uses only two hex bolts to secure the ladder in position.

One key innovation is a patent-pending gusset that delivers an increased vertical load capacity, giving the climber confidence while working or climbing. Other ladder features focus on climber safety including large, ¾” diameter step bolts for added strength, built-in clip-in attachment spots on ladder assembly frames, and knurled step bolts for slip-resistance.

All-Pro Ladders feature all-steel construction and certified welding, and are load- and charpy impact- tested in the company’s in-house testing lab. In addition to new construction, All-Pro Ladders can be retrofitted to existing structures or used to replace outdated climbing steps.

Due to the faster and simpler installation process, ladder sections can be installed quickly, and also removed quickly, if needed, following maintenance. Ladders can also be installed permanently so that access is always available.

All-Pro Ladders are available in odd-spacing assemblies for use as climbing devices, as well as even-spacing assemblies for working devices, in both galvanized and weathering steel. Adjustable versions of working and climbing ladders are available to extend up to an additional 42” at the top of a tower.

All ladder assemblies, including step bolts, are manufactured at the company’s Arlington, Texas facility, by Al-Pro Threaded Products, a subsidiary of All-Pro Fasteners. The facility features state-of-the-art welding equipment, skilled welders, certified inspectors and an in-house A2LA Quality Assurance Lab. All ladders meet and exceed industry AWS weld codes, structural designs, and fall safety Z359.1 standards.

All-Pro Fasteners has industry specialists on staff with extensive expertise in climbing device requirements. These specialists are available to provide advice and consultation, based on the requirements of any installation.

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