Lab-metal Repair Compounds Solve Patching Problems For Safe Manufacturer

When a U.S. safe manufacturer / fabricator recently converted from liquid coating (spray paint) to powder coating, they faced one obstacle: the two-part epoxy based fillers used to cosmetically patch and fill their rough welds and seams failed in the heat of powder coating ovens.

After successfully testing Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal, one-part metal repair and patching compounds from Alvin Products, the safe production team now repairs dents, voids and surface imperfections with the Lab-metal products. The safes are then powder coated.

Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal are ready-to-use and applied with a putty knife or similar tool, and thinned with Lab-solvent as needed. Alvin's repair and maintenance products are available in several can sizes, and Lab-metal is also available in handy caulking tubes. For more information on Alvin Products' time and money-saving air-dry repair compounds, please visit

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