L-Tron Corporation to Relocate Headquarters

Pittsford, NY, USA: Effective January 24, 2011. L-Tron Corporation has announced the upcoming relocation of its corporate offices from Pittsford, New York to Victor, New York, 596 Fishers Station Drive. This physical move is driven by L-Tron's success in providing total solutions, solving customer needs within the government, law enforcement, manufacturing, OEM and healthcare markets. These technology solutions incorporate bar coding, scanning, data collection, RFID, and automation. L-Tron has expanded its solution offerings to include software, on-going support and professional services. L-Tron's headquarters have been located in New York State for over 30 years.

L-Tron's change in location is a positive result of the company's continued growth over the last several years; as well as hiring personnel with solutions experience. Historically, the overall objective of the company is to respond to customers' needs by providing timely and superior support. L-Tron Corporation President, RAD DeRose, explains that enhancing L-Tron's go-to-market model with total solution offerings is critical to continue meeting his customers' needs and expectations.

DeRose states, "L-Tron's move to larger offices will allow us to better serve our customers, while accommodating the needs of our growing workforce." The move to Victor is scheduled to be finalized on February 7, 2011.

About L-Tron Corporation:

Founded in 1975, L-Tron is a value added solution provider specializing in technology solutions that incorporate software, hardware, bar coding, scanning, data collection, RFID, mobile and industrial computers, on-going support and professional services. L-Tron provides solutions for government, law enforcement, manufacturing, OEMs, healthcare agencies, and companies.

For more details on our offerings, please contact L-Tron Corporation (toll free in the US) 800.830.9523, via email:Sales@L-Tron.com, or visit www.L-Tron.com.

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