Kraton Polymers' Enhanced Website Showcases NEXAR(TM) Polymers Sulfonated Polymer Membrane Technology for Water Management, Industrial Separation, and Enhancement of High Performance Textiles and Clothing Applications

HOUSTON, March 28, 2011 - Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc. (NYSE: KRA), a leading global producer of styrenic block copolymers or "SBCs," announces enhancements to its official website to showcase the key performance attributes and latest technological advancements in NEXAR polymers sulfonated polymer membrane technology.

Kraton Polymers debuted NEXAR polymers in the USA, China, and Germany in 2010 and most recently enhanced its website to showcase the features, benefits, and applications of this innovative technology. The innovative and key performance attributes of NEXAR(TM) polymers are very unique in that they improve the performance and efficiency of many products in a myriad of applications that include water management, industrial separation, and the enhancement of high performance textiles and clothing.

NEXAR polymers help designers develop water management systems that effectively remove contaminants from many natural water resources, in addition to effluent water from industrial manufacturing plants, to make them suitable for use or reuse. Applications in water management include: Pervaporation, Electrodialysis (ED) and Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR), Reversed Electrodialysis (RED), Capactivie Deionization (Desalination), Nanofiltration (NF), and Ultrafiltration (UF).

NEXAR polymers offer selective permeability in a nonporous membrane, deliver an excellent water flux and moisture transmission rate, do not require special equipment or processes, provide high strength in wet and dry environments and are chemical (strong acids and strong bases) and chlorine resistant. They are ideal for use in high-performance, breathable coatings and membranes, sports apparel, outdoor apparel and gear, military and industrial uniforms, and medical and geotextile applications.

NEXAR polymers can improve the performance and efficiency of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems in industrial, medical, commercial and residential applications. They help ERV systems more efficiently reduce the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system load by reinforcing their effectiveness. NEXAR polymers, in conjunction with ERV systems, have the ability to recycle air inside of any space where air quality is important including commercial and residential buildings, airplanes, trains and automobiles.

The new polymer architecture of NEXAR polymers demonstrates outstanding capabilities and features that can be used to coat or laminate a substrate, or cast as a pure membrane film. Those customers using the solution for casting, coating, blending, spraying, or dipping operations often have unique requirements regarding the solutions viscosity. Techniques for viscosity modification which include use of additives (polar and non-polar) and other commonly practiced methods and procedures have been successfully applied by Kraton Polymers to meet those requirements. Other critical features offered by NEXAR polymers include the following:

o High water flux rate

o Ion selectivity

o Chemical resistance to chlorine

o Low electrical resistance

o High electrical conductance

o High water transport rates

o Good mechanical strength both wet and dry

o Good dimensional stability in wet and dry conditions

o Membrane is supplied in dry form as rolled goods and is stable under
ambient conditions; do not require special packaging for shipment

o NEXAR polymers can be applied using current commercial coating and
laminating lines.

"The decision to showcase NEXAR polymers on our website was essential to educating our customers, partners, and innovators about Kraton's latest scientific advancements in water transport, filtration and separation technology," said James Dieter, Vice President, Market Development. "The information on our website should further distinguish our innovation from any other currently offered in the market today," he concluded.

For more information about NEXAR polymers, please visit Customer questions and other direct inquiries may be addressed via email to or by calling 1-800-4-KRATON.

About Kraton

Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc., through its operating subsidiary Kraton Polymers LLC and its subsidiaries, is a leading global producer of engineered polymers and, we believe, the world's largest producer of styrenic block copolymers ("SBCs"), a family of products whose chemistry was pioneered by us almost fifty years ago. SBCs are highly-engineered thermoplastic elastomers, which enhance the performance of numerous products by delivering a variety of attributes, including greater flexibility, resilience, strength, durability and processability. Our polymers are used in a wide range of applications, including adhesives, coatings, consumer and personal care products, sealants and lubricants, and medical, packaging, automotive, paving, roofing and footwear products. We currently offer approximately 800 products to more than 700 customers in over 60 countries worldwide, and are the only SBC producer with manufacturing and service capabilities on four continents. We manufacture products at five plants globally, including our flagship plant in Belpre, Ohio, as well as plants in Germany, France and Brazil, and a joint venture plant operated in Japan.

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