Knight-Celotex Offers Superior Green Sound Deadening at a Reasonable Cost

New test results show how environmentally-friendly SoundStop® Fiberboard stands up against the competition.

Recently released test results show that SoundStop® wall systems can now achieve higher sound transmission class (STC) ratings which compete with the premier (more expensive) sound proofing products on the market.

The high STC results are achieved by introducing an all-natural rockwool mineral fiber insulation into the standard Knight-Celotex SoundStop® fiberboard wall system. By utilizing this new wall system, users will experience STC ratings as high as 69.

The demand for green building products is on the rise. Builders and architects need to meet building codes and consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and product savvy. Homeowners are interested in sound deadening options but can't afford the high costs of premium products currently on the market.

Dan Stogner, with Emerald Insulation, has recently utilized the new rockwool/SoundStop® system. "After using rockwool and SoundStop combined there is no doubt in my mind that, for the money, this is the best product on the market for superior sound control."

Knight-Celotex SoundStop® offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly sound deadening option for homeowners and builders.

Composed of 97% organic materials, SoundStop® is the cost effective, high quality, green choice for sound deadening in the home, office or business.

Knight-Celotex is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Northfield, IL. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of fiberboard products for residential and commercial construction. Knight-Celotex brands include SoundStop® Sound Deadening Wall Systems, SturdyBrace® structural sheathing, Premium Wall Sheathing, Structodek® commercial roofing products, and Flexcell(TM) Expansion Joint Filler. Knight-Celotex manufacturing facilities are located in Danville, VA, Lisbon Falls, ME and Sunbury, PA.

Specific test results or installation information is available by calling 1-800-596-9699 or visit

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