KitPackers® Announces New "How-To" Videos

GERMANTOWN, WI - KitPackers®, a custom resin packager specializing in reactive chemical systems, has introduced six new videos to help customers utilize common types of packaging for reactive two component chemical systems. The six videos describe the proper use of 50mL side-by-side cartridges, 200 and 400mL side-by-side cartridges, barrier-style cartridges, injection-style cartridges, burst-able TwinPaks and rod and clip TwinPaks.

Each video describes the materials, applicators and procedures needed to set-up and dispense typical two component adhesives, sealants, and other reactive chemical systems. Steps are clearly sequenced from set-up to process conclusion so that users of the systems can optimize their performance and consistency from user to user. Special attention is given to instructions which help users avoid common problems, like unmixed resin and catalyst or messy material application.

Additional videos are planned describing other commonly used systems. The program is part of KitPackers' goal to help customers reduce costs and optimize performance through superior custom packaging services and after sales support. In commenting on the program, Jamie Ellsworth, Global President at KitPackers, stated, "We understand that our customers need and expect more from us than error-free custom packaging. They need us to help them use their systems optimally so that they can see the full benefit of their packaging selection."

For more information, contact KitPackers at 877-313-8977 or visit the company's website and request a quote,

About KitPackers

KitPackers® is a custom packager of one component and two component resins such as adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, coatings, greases, lubricants, cleaners, primers and a wide variety of other industrial chemicals. KitPackers specializes in repackaging chemistries such as epoxies, silicones, urethanes, polysulfides, and acrylics. Additionally, KitPackers is fully equipped to handle, store, repackage and ship hazardous and temperature sensitive materials. KitPackers can be contacted directly at 866-322-8322 or by logging onto

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