Kite Optics Viato Comes to The US

Hampstead, MD - January 16, 2019 -- OmegaBrandess is pleased to announce the U.S. distribution of the Belgian sport optics brand KITE OPTICS and its new photo bag concept, VIATO. A revolutionary and comfortable carrying solution for your essential camera gear.

Photographers of Nature, wildlife, landscape… anyone who goes out in the field. They all know traditional camera bags, their pros and cons.

Big camera luggage will allow you to take all your gear. But they are not very practical to take along on every small or one-day hike. Usually you know quite well which lenses, camera body and tripod you’ll need when leaving the car, your house or hotel room. At that moment you can easily switch to a smaller and lighter carrying system. And that’s where the VIATO comes in handy.

The Viato backpack uses the inner space of the tripod through an intelligent and unique patented design, offering 915 cubic inches of storage space, sufficient to hold all your essential gear for a day of nature photography, bird watching or just hiking. You can use the Viato with tripod legs and central column extended or retracted, or just as well without the tripod as an everyday backpack.

Keep your instrument mounted on the tripod, or safely store it. Either way, from the second you slip the bag from your back, you are instantly ready to start shooting or observing! No hassle, no fuss. Just as fast as you have set up, you’re able to leave for the next location. And that’s the game changer!

Mounted inside the tripod, it brings you a table-like platform to work on. Magnets will keep the hatches of the waterproof backpack open, allowing you to switch lenses, put down a notebook or take out a bottle of water without ever having to kneel down or put your gear on wet grass, dusty soil or sand.

But most important is the incredible comfort the Viato backpack offers. It does not take long before you forget you’re actually carrying a complete tripod and camera gear, ready to shoot. Try it to believe it.

To learn more: www.kite-viato.com

The Viato will be available late February/early March from photo specialty stores, at a suggested retail price of $219.99.

About Kite Optics

KITE OPTICS, a Belgian family run company has been working on the development of high-precision optical instruments for nature observation since 1992. They strive for excellent optical performance and mechanical quality in their binoculars, scopes and accessories. Their passion is to combine these characteristics with one of the best after-sales services in the world. This way you can experience the KITE difference, both in the field and beyond.

About OmegaBrandess

OmegaBrandess has manufactured and distributed photographic and imaging products for over 75 years. A privately held company, OmegaBrandess supplies the photography industry with over ten thousand products.

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