Kim Lighting Launches Municipal Initiative to 'Enlighten' Communities With Expertise in Urban and Community Illumination and Provide Environmentally Sound Lighting Solutions

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Sept. 23, 2008 - Kim Lighting, a leading manufacturer of outdoor architectural lighting, announced today it is expanding its outreach to municipalities across the country to meet the evolving environmental and performance needs of local governments and city planners responsible for lighting their communities and urban areas.

Kim Lighting provides municipalities with effective outdoor lighting products that combine aesthetic design, optical performance and environmental sustainability to meet the unique needs of the particular community or urban area. City planners and engineers are faced with the challenge of putting light where it is needed, and eliminating light where it is not wanted. Lighting issues, such as light pollution and light trespass, need to be addressed so lighting can be properly directed and minimize its impact.

As municipalities are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and energy use issues, Kim Lighting is helping communities "go green" while maintaining quality and performance. Kim Lighting offers several affordable solutions, including LEDs, for reducing lighting energy consumption without sacrificing illumination, thereby lowering costs and improving sustainability without sacrificing productivity.

Many communities in the midst of either redevelopment or revitalization are reconsidering the lighting of their downtown streetscapes, residential neighborhoods and business districts. Security and safety, aesthetics, energy use and environmental impact are among the many factors that municipal planners must think about when making planning decisions.

"Municipalities throughout the United States have been turning to Kim Lighting for their urban and community lighting needs for almost 75 years," said Bill Foley, vice president and general manager of Kim Lighting. "Kim Lighting is at the forefront of the outdoor architectural lighting industry, offering products, technologies and expertise that enable communities to make smart, environmentally-sound decisions about their municipal lighting needs."

Proper lighting can enhance a community by:

providing a safe environment and better quality of life;

· reducing lighting costs by 50 percent or more when sustainable lighting solutions are installed;

· lessening light pollution, light trespass and objectionable glare;

· increasing municipal revenue;

· accentuating a community's legacy and pride; and

· improving the look and feel of commercial and residential areas.

All Kim Lighting products are produced with sustainable technologies that minimize impact on the environment, including the use of energy efficient lighting in its plants, eliminating heavy metals and VOCs and using recycled content in manufacturing processes.

Kim Lighting is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality, high-performance, outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products. These include roadway, pedestrian, low-level and building-mounted solutions for contemporary or traditional commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Kim Lighting, a division of Hubbell Lighting, Inc., was founded in 1934 and is based in City of Industry, Calif. More information is available at

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