Keytroller, LLC Announces KEYTROLLER LCD601

New Generation LCD Access & Monitoring System with Color

A leader OEM in the safety technology industry, Keytroller, LLC unveils its latest and most advanced access and monitoring system to date: the KEYTROLLER 601LCD.

TAMPA, FL, -Keytroller, LLC introduces the KEYTROLLER LCD601, a new generation LCD access and monitoring system with color. The comprehensive system maintains OSHA regulations with automated checklists at the start of every shift, creates driver accountability with impact and speed sensing, prevents unauthorized drivers by
requiring code input or RFID card reading, extends equipment life with scheduled
maintenance by date or hour meter reading, and is available with wireless options.

The KEYTROLLER LCD601 kit includes: a color LCD Keypad with an RS232 serial connection,
an RFID card reader, weatherproof enclosures, temperature extreme components, an adjustable mounting bracket and a relay sensor module. In addition, there are optional inclusions: a shock abuse module, a speed sensor and an external alarm.

The product features an RFID card reader to enable the device, START/STOP functions (for both engine and electric powered vehicles) directly from the keypad, an automated operator daily checklist that can shut down the vehicle for critical items, and maintenance scheduling by date or hour meter readings. Additionally, the KEYTROLLER LCD601 has sensing connections to: speed, impact, seat switch, auxiliary input, seat belt usage, and low oil/high temperature.

Inexpensive WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth Wireless options are available as well. To increase driver accountability, abusive operators create impact and speed infractions that are recorded. These infractions can be programmed to shut down the vehicle, in order to prevent further tear and damage. KEYPATROLLER Client Server Software provides wireless connectivity for programming and downloading, as well as text messaging, filtering and graphing, and e-mailing any events chosen.

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