Keri Announces Integration with ASSA ABLOY'S Aperio and Sargent v.S2 Wireless Locks

Keri Systems, a leading provider of integrated card access control, and ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, announce the integration of Keri Systems' Doors.NET(TM) software and its NXT(TM) TCP/IP-based hardware platform with ASSA ABLOY'S range of Aperio(TM) as well as Sargent vS2 Wifi enabled wireless locks. In doing so, Keri Systems, an ASSA ABLOY Elite Access Control Partner, becomes ASSA ABLOY'S first Aperio partner in the United States.

The joint Assa/Keri solution offers customers the ability to mix and match the best of both technology offerings, seamlessly integrating the flexibility of ASSA ABLOY'S wireless lock solutions while maintaining the power of the Keri TCP/IP-based NXT solution.

Doors.NET is Keri's newest access control software application, designed to manage the company's NXT TCP/IP-based hardware platform. Doors.NET allows multiple operators to manage and monitor an unlimited number of sites concurrently, providing integrated video, alarm reporting and prioritization, and optional photo badging. NXT, Keri's newest access control platform, provides unmatched system flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Aperio is a global wireless technology from ASSA ABLOY that provides an easy, affordable way to connect additional openings to an existing electronic access control system. Offering wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4), full iCLASS® authentication and support for HID® 13.56 MHz iCLASS® credentials, the simplicity and flexibility of Aperio allow lower-cost installations than traditional access control with less complexity than other wireless options in the market. Specifically, Keri Systems will be supporting the Mercury version of Aperio. This version of Aperio makes integration into Mercury-based access control systems completely seamless.

"This solution leverages the best of ASSA ABLOY, Keri, and Mercury to offer a solution unique to the industry," said Ken Geiszler, CEO of Keri Systems. "Adding vS2 and Aperio support underscores the Keri commitment to support a broad array of hardware platforms, which will provide the best customized solution for every facility's needs."

"Our Aperio wireless locks have been very well-received in the security industry," said Martin Huddart, Vice President, Electronic Access Control, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. "We are very excited that Keri Systems is the first to integrate our two wireless technologies - Aperio and WiFi. The combination of their Doors.NET software and NXT hardware platform with ASSA ABLOY's complete range of wireless solutions offers customers the flexibility and performance they need."

About Keri Systems

Keri Systems is a leading provider of integrated card access control, with integrated telephone entry, video badging systems, biometrics and digital video recording. Located in the heart of California's famed Silicon Valley at 2305 Bering Drive., San Jose, CA, USA, the company continues to enhance its leadership in controller and proximity technology by offering a suite of products and services for customers requiring more than just basic access control hardware and software.


ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user demands for security, safety and convenience.

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