Ken’s Foods’ Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades with Precast Concrete Building

As the producer of more than 400 types of salad dressings, sauces and marinades, Ken’s Foods has come a long way since it started making Ken’s Steak House Dressings in 1941. Its McDonough, Ga., manufacturing facility has been upgrading its wastewater treatment plant to accommodate increased production, and it selected a precast concrete building from Easi-Set Buildings to house the electrical panels for a tank. The building was manufactured and installed by an Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer—Oldcastle Precast, Newman, Ga.

“Two large precast concrete tanks were constructed for the treatment system, so Ken’s Foods wanted the building to match the tanks,” says Troy Dorcas, a project manager with Evoqua’s ADI Systems. “Having precast also limited the amount of work and time required on a very tight construction site.”

Oldcastle worked with ADI Systems, a world-leading wastewater treatment solutions company, on this project. ADI Systems was asked to design and build an anaerobic membrane bioreactor system at the McDonough site. The anaerobic system pretreats wastewater from the production line, producing high-quality effluent and energy-rich biogas. This system is integrated with an existing one. It is more energy efficient, produces less sludge, reduces electrical demand and eliminates the need for Dissolved Air Flotation.

Oldcastle furnished a 12’ x 16’ x10’ building with stucco walls and a Thorocoat in Nickel Gray. The doors and framing are in Triton Blue, and a standard white elastomeric coating precast tapered roof was selected. The building was installed on a concrete slab in one day. In fact, the building was set in just under one hour, the base was sealed in two hours and touch-up work was completed by the end of the day.

Customization is an option with every Easi-Set Building, and this one has interior R-11 FRP wall panels and non-slip gray epoxy flooring. The walls also are an extra 18” tall to accommodate the electrical equipment, and the double doors have a 2’ tall removable transom to help the customer easily install the equipment.

“In the factory setting, Oldcastle installed the interior electrical main distribution panel and wiring, interior and exterior lights, switches and wall receptacles. All ADI Systems had to do for this building is bring in the commercial power from the floor block out and terminate the conductors for a ‘plug and play’ type delivery,” says Jeremy Smith, Easi-Set Buildings product manager.

A quick delivery and installation was important because of the amount of activity on the job site. “To minimize site work, ADI Systems selected an Easi-Set Building to quickly get it in during all of the adjacent site construction,” Smith adds.

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