Kaeser Publishes New Whitepaper on Using CAGI Data Sheets for Blower Performance Comparison

Kaeser Compressors has published a new whitepaper that is available for complimentary download on using CAGI data sheets for blower performance comparison, "CAGI Data Sheets: Blower Performance Comparison".

Authored by industry expert Stephen Horne, the whitepaper discusses how CAGI data sheets can be used to compare efficiency between different blower packages. It also includes a line-by-line explanation for the fixed speed and variable speed CAGI data sheets.

"CAGI data sheets are a valuable tool for evaluating efficiency and comparing products", explained whitepaper author Stephen Horne, "but they don't replace proper system design and application."

For more technical resources for the compressed air industry, Kaeser's website has additional whitepapers, including "Energy Efficient System Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants: A System Splitting Approach," "Using Master Controls to Improve the Performance and Efficiency of Industrial Air Compressors", and "Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source".

To download any of Kaeser's free whitepapers, visit www.kaeser.com/whitepapers. For more information on Kaeser's latest whitepaper, visit www.kaesernews.com/CAGIBlowers or call 877 596-7138.

About Kaeser:

Kaeser is a leader in reliable, energy efficient compressed air equipment and system design. We offer a complete line of superior quality industrial air compressors as well as dryers, filters, SmartPipe™, master controls, and other system accessories. Kaeser also offers blowers, vacuum pumps, and portable diesel screw compressors. Our national service network provides installation, rentals, maintenance, repair, and system audits. Kaeser is an ENERGY STAR Partner.

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