K-TEK LLC Acquires BETA B.V. of The Netherlands, State-of-the-Art Pressure

Prairieville, LA (May 31, 2006) - K-TEK LLC, a leading manufacturer of
state-of-the-art level instrumentation, today announced the acquisition of
BETA B.V (a company of the Binder Group) that focuses on manufacturing
pressure and temperature switches. BETA, located in The Netherlands, serves
virtually all industry sectors with a broad range of pressure and
temperature switch products. BETA currently operates throughout Europe,
Asia, and portions of the Middle East. Through this acquisition, K-TEK is
planning to offer all BETA products through K-TEK's distribution network in
the Americas and in selected countries within Asia and the Middle East. In
addition, K-TEK intends to maintain the current BETA distribution network
with minor consolidation in selected countries. K-TEK and BETA will continue
collaborating on technology development and sales distribution. K-TEK is
focusing on its expertise in liquid and solids level measurement, while BETA
is specializing in pressure and temperature switch applications.

"Combining K-TEK's manufacturing expertise and sales distribution network
with BETA's quality product and name recognition will provide our customers
around the world with another quality product line," stated Rao Sanampudi,
K-TEK President and Chief Operating Officer. "We will do our very best to
make this acquisition a win-win for both K-TEK and BETA distribution
networks and ultimately our customers."

About BETA B.V.

BETA B.V. (The Netherlands) specializes in the design and manufacturing of a
broad range of pressure and temperature switches. With more than 35 years
experience, the company has developed a reputation for its "user-friendly
generation" of pressure and temperature switches. BETA's innovative product
range includes: Pressure Switches, Fluid Power Pressure Switches, Vacuum
Switches, Differential Pressure Switches including a unique bi-directional
DP switch, Temperature Switches, and OEM Switches such as the BETAMINI(TM)
which has been developed exclusively for the industrial OEM market. All BETA
switches are assembled according to customer specific requirements and are
available in more than 10 million versions. BETA currently has European,
Russian, and Far East product approvals and is currently pursuing FM and CSA
approvals for all switch product lines. BETA is an ISO 9001-2000 certified
company and serves all industries with specialization in the oil & gas and
petrochemical markets. For more information, please visit


K-TEK is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art liquid and solids level
instrumentation. Founded in 1975, the company pioneered the KM26 magnetic
level gauge with extruded outlets and precision engineered floats and
continues to set the pace in the industry with such innovations as
AccuTrak(TM), the first Fieldbus-compatible magnetostrictive level transmitter,
and SureShot(TM), the first low cost, all digital design laser level and
distance transmitter, and Resonator(TM), the first vibrating fork switch that
features a one-step, external calibration process, eliminating hassles with
equipment covers. The company also manufactures magnetostrictive level
transmitters, guided wave radar transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, and a
full line of point level switches, plumb bob devices, and field controllers.

K-TEK's products are used in over 250,000 installations worldwide in such
applications as chemical processing, oil and gas production, power
generation, pulp and paper processing, mining and construction, food and
beverage manufacturing, and plastics manufacturing. For more information,
please visit www.ktekcorp.com.

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Carl Kull, Vice President Sales - Int'l
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