K&B Molded Products Debuts New Portfolio Showcase

BROOKVILLE, Ohio — K and B, an award-winning tooling and injection molding specialist since 1964, announced the debut of a digital portfolio showcase on its website this month.

The portfolio gallery features highlights unique projects for a range of industries, including marine, environmental, HVAC, recreation and transportation. Each part or tool is displayed with a high resolution image in gallery format.

As thermoplastic injection molders, KB produces extremely versatile components. Their work plays a major role in manufacturing on all levels, from highly specialized industrial applications to household products. Projects featured in the new digital showcase include propellers for fishing trolling motors, water filters for camping and lenses for road hazard warning signals.

"The K&B portfolio is extensive," said Joe Berberich, K&B president. "We wanted to provide a visual platform that illustrates our portfolio so visitors can easily and quickly determine whether injection molding may be a fit for their application."

The digital showcase at K&B adds to an already rich collection of resources drawn from 50 years of industry specific experience. The company offers an online library stocked with eBooks to educate the public on thermoplastic injection molding, design preparation, industry terminology and more.

All of K&B Molded Products' digital resources are available for free, including the showcase and downloadable eBooks. Additionally, the team's commitment to innovation, excellence and service extend beyond their web portal with specific support for individual projects of all kinds. To learn more about their services, visit the online showcase at www.kandbmoldedproducts.com.

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