Just-In-Time Production on all Washers

Superior Washer & Gasket corp. has been leading the field since 1972. Devoted to developing the most advanced methods of producing washers, shims, spares and small stampings. With the most comprehensive stocking inventory available with JIT delivery it doesn't stop at that... at Superior new designs and configurations are constantly added to inventory. Superior Washer expands it's washer, spacer and shims offerings to now include the broadest range of gauges and thickness available anywhere or anyone.

Announcing production of washers and shims with thickness from .0005 through .250 in the most expansive range of materials. New materials are being added regularly and includes washers in; Teflon, phenolic, neoprene, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. Standard metal washers are in Aluminum, beryllium copper, flat stud, carbon steel and feature stainless steel as well as specials available in exotic materials. Styles include; one & three wave spring, Belleville disc and fender washers, with the most complete line of washers & shim styles & sizes anywhere.

We maintain a quality control program second to none. All our products must meet the standard set forth in our ISO-9001 Registered Quality Program. Every order is checked and rechecked before shipment. Our monitoring program and experienced personnel are able to control every aspect of the manufacturing process from the traceability of raw material to the final inspection of every item produced. A scheduled program allows a "wide time" latitude for most orders and emergencies. Continuous technical supervision by experienced personnel has resulted in an enviable record of Justin-In-Time production to meet tight delivery schedules. Your order can be packaged in uniformed heat sealed polybags labeled to your specifications in quantities from 1 to 5,000. Ask for pricing at time of quotation.

Call today for technical support and customer service @ Tel: (631) 273-8282 or Fax: (631) 273-8088. We invite you to email us, alippolis@SuperiorWasher.com. Check out our complete online catalog @ http://www.superiorwasher.com/product.html

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