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John Deere PowerTech E 4.5L and 6.8L Engines Earn EPA Tier 3 Certification

Press release date: Oct 26, 2006

Waterloo, Iowa - John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) recently announced that the PowerTech E(TM) 4.5L and 6.8L engines have been Tier 3 certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These two engines are the first models in the PowerTech E family to receive Tier 3 certification, joining the four PowerTech Plus(TM) engine models.

"Now that we have certified not only our PowerTech Plus engines but also two of our PowerTech E engines, we're well prepared to offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly engine options for John Deere and OEM applications that don't compromise on performance," said Mike Weinert, director of engine engineering for JDPS.

In addition to EPA Tier 3 certification, these engines have also been given Stage III A certification by the European Union.

The PowerTech E 4.5L engine features a power range of 86 kW - 104 kW (115 hp - 140 hp), and the PowerTech E 6.8L engine features a power range of 104 kW - 149 kW (140 hp - 200 hp). These engines come with a two-valve cylinder head and incorporate a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, full-authority electronic controls, a multiple injection strategy, fixed geometry turbocharger, all the performance of Tier 2/Stage II engines and more.

These technologies enabled John Deere to achieve their goals for this line of Tier 3/Stage III A engines, including maintained or improved peak torque, more low-speed torque and better transient-response time.

The PowerTech E engines' full-authority electronic controls also enable them to offer improved cold-start performance, precise engine-speed control, torque-curve shaping and more. Electronic controls increase productivity, improve fuel economy, lower total installed costs and reduce ownership costs.

In addition to the PowerTech Plus and PowerTech E engine lines, JDPS also will offer PowerTech M(TM) engines.

"There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to the Tier 3/Stage III A challenge," said Doug Laudick, product manager at JDPS. "As we reviewed market needs with many of our OEM customers, we realized we could better serve them by offering not one solution but three."

The main difference among these three engine lines is the level of emissions-control technology employed. PowerTech Plus engines feature cooled exhaust gas recirculation, a variable geometry turbocharger, a state-of-the-art engine control unit, and an electronic unit injector fuel system (13.5L) or a high-pressure common-rail fuel system (4.5L, 6.8L, 9.0L). PowerTech E engines feature a fixed geometry turbocharger, full-authority electronic controls, and a high-pressure common-rail fuel system (4.5L and 6.8L) or an electronic unit pump fuel system (2.4L, 3.0L). PowerTech M engines feature economy of design, a fixed geometry or wastegated turbocharger, mechanical controls, a mechanical unit pump fuel system (2.4L) or a mechanical rotary pump fuel system (4.5L), plus all the performance of Tier 2/Stage II.

"OEMs know their own power requirements," Laudick said. "So we offer PowerTech Plus for those applications where high performance and fuel economy are a must, and PowerTech E for applications where electronic controls without VGT and EGR satisfy customer needs."

The PowerTech E 4.5L and 6.8L engines went into full production and began shipping to OEMs in July 2006. Tier 3 regulations for 130 kW - 560 kW (175 hp - 750 hp) engines, which encompass the PowerTech E 6.8L engine, took effect in January 2006 and are aimed specifically at reducing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in non-road applications. Tier 3 rules for 75 kW - 130 kW (100 hp - 175 hp) engines, which encompass the PowerTech E 4.5L engine, will take effect in January 2007.

Laudick also noted that the PowerTech(TM) family of engines is the foundation John Deere will build on for future EPA regulations. "Our Tier 3 engine platforms will be the basis for meeting Tier 4 emission levels beginning in January 2008," Laudick said. "We have already begun exploring a number of technologies, including additional in-cylinder and aftertreatment solutions, that will be applied to the existing Tier 3 platforms."

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