iWave announces i.MX6UL SODIMM SOM

iWave's i.MX6UL based SODIMM CPU module integrates power efficient high performance ARM Cortex A7 CPU core operating up to 528MHz speed. The SOM is ultra-compact in size and integrated with on-board PMIC, Flash, DDR3 and dual Ethernet PHY. The SOM is ideally suitable for the cost power optimized general embedded and industrial applications.


Ultra-compact form factor module with size of 67.6mm x 29mm

Long term support: 7+ years

Technical Quick customization support

Compatible with ARM Cortex A9 i.MX6 Q/D/S SODIMM SOM


Power efficient ARM Cortex-A7 @ 528MHz

Advanced hardware enabled security

PMIC with DVFS support

Industrial temperature support available



Freescale's i.MX6UL1/2/3 @ 528MHz

ARM Cortex A7


Freescale PF3000


256MB DDR3 RAM(Expandable)

256MB NAND Flash (Expandable)

MicroSD Slot (Optional)1

eMMC Flash (Optional)1

QSPI Flash (Optional)1


10/100 Ethernet PHY – 2 Ports

SODIMM Edge Interfaces:

Debug UART

Data UART – 2 Ports

CAN – 2 Ports

SD(4-Bit) – 1 Port

10/100 Ethernet – Up to 2 Ports2

USB OTG – 2 Ports

24bpp RGB display port

8-Bit Parallel Camera Port

Target Applications:

Industrial HMI Access Control

Energy management & IOT gateway

Industrial control & automation

White goods & Smart appliances

Medical & Healthcare equipments

Mobile POS & Secure e-commerces

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