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Iveco Motors, Now FPT of North America, Restructures

Press release date: Aug 01, 2007

New Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America, Inc. established as an independent powertrain business

CAROL STREAM, IL (August, 2007) - The company formerly named Iveco Motors of North America, Inc., proudly announces its new brand name, Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America (hereinafter referred to as FPT NA), effective immediately.

FPT NA is part of the Powertrain sector of the Fiat Group known as Fiat Powertrain Technologies S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as FPT), which is wholly owned by Fiat S.p.A.

FPT has restructured its North American offices in Carol Stream, IL to align itself for a successful launch of its new brand of engines throughout the power generation, marine and industrial sectors.

Created in March 2005, Fiat Powertrain Technologies S.p.A. is the sector of the Fiat Group including all the powertrain activities previously carried on in: Fiat Auto (Fiat Powertrain) Iveco (Iveco Motors) Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) and Elasis - (Research and Development)

With its annual output of 2.8 million engines and 2.1 million transmissions, FPT is one of the most significant players in the powertrain sector on a worldwide basis, with sales of $8 billion.

FPT can satisfy almost any powertrain request thanks to an extremely wide range of products: o engines (with a power from 20 up to 1800 hp and displacements from 1,000 to 30,800 cc) o transmissions (covering from 145 to 950 Nm) and applications: o automotive (cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, special vehicles) oindustrial (construction equipment, agricultural machinery and stationary applications) o marine (pleasurecraft and workboat) o electric power generation

The activities of research and advanced engineering ensure the technological excellence of the company. All these activities are included in the powertrain research & technology function.

IVECO MOTORS, NOW FPT/ADD ONE Within the Fiat Group, FPT operates globally with dealers in over 100 countries that are ensured technological excellence through the support of 19,000 employees, 16 plants and ten research and development centers in eight countries.

FPT is recognized for its Cursor series engine and its NEF family, with 500,000 engines sold for industrial applications, through 2006.

FPT has a long tradition of innovation, leading the industry in emissions, performance and economy. FPT has over 20 years experience of pioneering industry advances including: o 1985: FPT was first to use diesel direct injection on small engines. o 1989: FPT was first with EGR on light duty commercial diesel engines. o 1992: FPT was first with electronic diesel control on heavy-duty applications. o 2002: FPT was first with common rail on agriculture applications

Representing world-class diesel engine technology, FPT prides itself on being first in technology development and application, and has an array of knowledgeable specialists that represent the full engine range. The group shares competencies from automotive and agriculture to industrial, marine and genset applications, which in turn, allows for the manufacture of new products well in advance of competitors.

FPT NA will operate as an independent Powertrain business as providers of engines and transmissions devoted to the open market and to other Fiat Group companies, such as CNH.

FPT NA has restructured its organization to better serve their 23 distributors, 260 dealers and 350 service point providers. Ted Bregar, general manager, was brought over from CNH to lead the North American operation. Francesco Cenni, assistant general manager, comes direct from FPT S.p.A. headquarters in Italy, to oversee all sales and marketing objectives. With seven new positions at the North American headquarters, Bregar is excited for the anticipated growth of FPT NA. "With the new and expanded team, we've solidified our sales growth for the next few years, and have continued to expand our distributor network," says Bregar. "We're putting the people in place to strategically engage a market that is ready for a solid product. The substantial amount of research and development behind the product has significantly increased fuel efficiency and lowered noise levels."

In order to respond to the demands of the North American marketplace, Fiat Powertrain Technologies has operations in Carol Stream, Illinois, to deliver first class service throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America, Inc. offers complete product support and customer service. For more information on FPT, please call (630) 260-4226, or visit