ITW TACC Reduces Carbon Footprint through Capital Investment


Rockland, MA February 22, 2011: ITW TACC today announced that a capital investment project will reduce energy use by 480,000 Kwh in 2011 and will save the company thousands in yearly operating costs. The project involves installing a new chiller system used to cool the adhesive mixers. The chiller runs more efficient motors and automatically shuts down during the hours when the plant is not in use.

"It is no secret that customers in the construction adhesives market want more "green‟ products each year. But to us, being green means more than offering GreenGuard certified adhesives," Operations Manager John Lapsley remarks. "It also means making sure our facility is run as efficiently as possible. And running an efficient plant means using as little electricity as possible." Using less electricity, of course, means fewer tons of emissions in the atmosphere. The latest project will reduce ITW TACC‟s carbon footprint by 282 metric tons of CO2 per year.

As an industrial manufacturing company that depends on natural resources and serves as the supply chain for industrial customers, ITW TACC has a special relationship and responsibility to the environment. Installing a new chiller system is a manifestation of that commitment.


ITW TACC is a leading manufacturer of high-strengh adhesives used in commercial and residential building construction, woodworking, HVAC, roofing, and transportation industries.

ITW TACC anticipates and responds to marketplace demands with time-saving innovations and environmentally friendly products that consistently exceed industry standards for performance and quality.

For additional information, contact Daniel Shugrue, Market Development Manager at ITW TACC. (p) 1 781 698 9947

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