ITC Technical Ceramic Coatings Announces Data Results from North Carolina State University Product Installation

The company treated both the gas and Raku kilns at NCSU with its 100HT and 296A products. Results were a 30% reduction in gas consumption and kiln firing times were  reduced by as much as 50%.

"We were very pleased with the results of the applications and are expanding our markets into more ceramics hobbyists and manufacturers," said Mike Risley,spokesman for ITC. "These results speak to the benefits of the ITC line of products and can be a comparative measure for larger industrial production equipment."

Jennifer Siegel, NCSU Ceramics Center Manager, called ITC "Armor for your kilns."

The company is currently expanding its markets to knife making and glass blowing on the craft front and imparting its technology into industrial ovens,furnaces,forges and incinerators on the manufacturing side of its business..

ITC products are available on its website and thru its Canadian Distributor Norheat


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