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ISC Offers Custom BNC with PCB Overmolding

Press release date: May 28, 2014

ISC is proud to announce our capabilities in the field of custom BNC with PCB assemblies. A BNC connector is primarily used for coaxial cables for fast and easy connect/disconnect situations. The root name is Bayonet Neill-Concelman which refers to the bayonet mount mating system where the coupling nut is rotated to fully achieve the mating cycle. The BNC family of connectors was established as a radio frequency connector for its functionality in radio-frequency equipment and test instruments. Since then this connector has evolved into consumer electronics, avionics and analog/digital video signals.

Coupled with a printed circuit board, the BNC connectors can be used for a variety of applications. With ISC's BNC with PCB mold you're eliminating the need for two separate molds and encompassing this assembly into a compact and usable device.

Typically PCB's are known as difficult to overmold due to the nature of the components on the surface. During the overmolding process components can be severed by the heat and pressure of the injection molding material. ISC has experience dealing with this issue in multiple fashions and will make a custom solution for your product to ensure no complications during the final overmold process.