Introducing The LoPro® RTU-L Inverted: Precision Overhead Automation

Bishop-Wisecarver proudly presents its latest innovation: the LoPro® RTU-L Inverted. This cutting-edge product is meticulously engineered around the trusted LoPro® Linear Actuator line, delivering unparalleled precision and durability for overhead installations.

At its core lies the size 4 actuator, reinforced by a single wiper wheel plate, embodying both robustness and accuracy. The RTU-L Inverted package includes essential components: a sturdy steel support beam, an efficient cable carrier, non-contact travel limit sensors, and a robot baseplate designed for seamless integration with select light-capacity robots. The gearbox with actuator mount ensures a swift and straightforward setup, making the RTU-L Inverted adaptable for rapid deployment across various automation projects.

Experience the future of automation with Bishop-Wisecarver's groundbreaking introduction, the LoPro® RTU-L Inverted. This remarkable solution guarantees reliability, precision, and uncomplicated integration, setting a new standard in overhead automation technology.

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