Introducing the EcoRich(TM) Family of Fabrics From Apex Mills

When a leading athletic shoe company wanted to introduce "greener" running shoes into its line it came to Apex Mills to develop ecologically friendly upper and lining fabrics.

Apex presented a wide variety of options to produce fabrics sensitive to today's growing ecological concerns. Vegetable dyes, low eco-impact dyes, non-synthetic based yarns and post-consumer recycled sustainable yarns are just a few of the techniques used to eco-enrich the fabrics.

Working closely with the client Apex designed and developed the first of its EcoRich(TM) family of fabrics.

And, it's not only new fabrics that can be made environmentally friendly. Every fabric previously produced by Apex Mills can be reproduced green to fit into our EcoRich(TM) family. This can be accomplished cost effectively without changing the characteristics of the original fabric.

So, if you are thinking of going green and need advice on the best path to take, speak with Apex Mills today.

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